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In collaboration with Fast Pace Urgent Care, Cheatham County School District (CCSD) will be offering School-Based Health Clinics to all students attending school within the district. Each school throughout the district will be fully equipped with telemedicine technology that will allow students to receive the care they need while at school.


What is a School-Based Health Clinic (SBHC)?

    A School-Based Health Clinic (SBHC) provides access to comprehensive primary healthcare for school-age youth while your child stays at school. The SBHC can also assist in obtaining referrals to other providers. Access to SBHC’s help reduce absences and promote the health and educational success of students by keeping them healthy and ready to learn. The SBHC is staffed with a school nurse and medical services are provided by Fast Pace Urgent Care through the use of telemedicine technologies.

    The SBHC staff works in a collaborative relationship with the families to:

    • Improve access to health care services
    • Promote prevention and early intervention
    • Establish a medical home and primary care physician
    • Provide education to students and parents

What is telemedicine?

    Telemedicine is the practice of health care delivery, diagnosis, consultation and treatment and the transfer of medical data through real-time, interactive audio, video and data communications. Secure connections enable the school nurse and your child to meet with a healthcare services provider face-to-face without the child having to leave school.

How does this help me?

    When you receive a call from the school telling you that your child is sick, you might not be able to leave your workplace immediately. With your permission, your child can have a telemedicine visit without leaving the school. This saves you time, transportation costs and prevents lost work time. Telemedicine services can give you peace of mind, which comes from knowing that your child has access to their doctor and healthcare services when they need to be seen so that they can stay healthy, active and continue learning.

What can my child be treated?

    Your child can be seen, at the discretion of the school nurse, for many common conditions such as: cuts/abrasions, rashes, pink eye, coughs/colds, strep throat, and/or flu-like symptom such as sore throats, headaches and ear infections. Special equipment gives the provider the ability to examine your child’s ears, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, etc. The SBHC will not provide emergency services.

Where can my child receive treatment?

    The SBHC are accessible for all children in the Cheatham County School District. The SBHC locations include:

    • Ashland City Elementary School
    • Cheatham County Central High School
    • Cheatham Middle School
    • East Cheatham Elementary School
    • Harpeth High School
    • Harpeth Middle School
    • Kingston Springs Elementary School
    • Pegram Elementary School
    • Pleasant View Elementary School
    • Sycamore High School
    • Sycamore Middle School
    • West Cheatham Elementary School 

How are the services paid for?

    Fast Pace Urgent Care accepts most major health insurance plans as well as TennCare and CoverKids, and can bill the insurance companies directly (co-pays may apply). Although Fast Pace Urgent Care is a provider for other insurances, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company to see if Fast Pace Urgent Care is a provider on your plan before being seen at the SBHC.

    For students without insurance, telemedicine services will be provided on a sliding scale based on income information, with a minimal charge for lab services. If follow up treatment at the Fast Pace Urgent Care location is required, students without insurance have the opportunity to utilize the Fast Pace Urgent Care Simple Self-Pay Program. For information about insurance and self-pay options available at the clinic, please visit

Will I be contacted before my child is seen in the clinic?

    Yes, the school nurse will always call the parent/guardian before your child is seen by the provider. If a parent cannot be reached, your child will not be seen by the provider via telemedicine. For this reason, please be certain that your phone information is up-to-date at all times.

How will I know what happened during the visit?

    A parent or guardian will be informed of the findings, treatment, and recommendations.

How do I enroll my child?

    If you would like your child to have access to the School-Based Health Clinic, please complete the following forms and return them to the school nurse.

    • Medical Consent to Treat Form
    • SBHC Registration Form (Patient Information)

    For more information, contact Shelley Mayo, Cheatham County School District Coordinated School Health at (615) 746-1398.


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